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Alien 3

Track Links
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 5

Castlevania Adventure

Track Links
Kill! Kill! Kill! (Common Boss Battle)
Life lost

Castlevania II Belmont's Revenge

Track Links
Prologue (Opening, Symphonic Arrangement)
Ripe Seeds (Rock Castle, Extended Remix)
Original Sin (Dracula's Castle First Half)
Evil Gods (Boss BGM)
Sons of Satan (Final Boss)
Faith (Dialog scenes)
Soleiyu's Room

Castlevania Legends

Track Links
Special Stage
Final Stage (Symphonic Arrangement)
Boss (Electronic mix)

Comix Zone

info / mp3 and flac album available
Track Links
Sega Logo
Title Screen
Options (Into the Zone)
Episode 1, Page 1-1
Episode 1, Page 1-2 (Seen it for Days)
Episode 1, Page 2-1 (Feed My Disease)
Episode 1, Page 2-2
Episode 2, Page 1-1
Episode 2, Page 1-2
Episode 2, Page 1-3 (Last to Follow)
Episode 2, Page 2-1
Episode 2, Page 2-2 (10,000 Knives)
Episode 3, Page 1-1
Episode 3, Page 1-2
Episode 3, Page 1-3
Episode 3, Page 2-1
Episode 3, Page 2-2
Episode 3, Page 2-3
Boss Theme (Woe is the World)
Battle With Mortus
Ending Theme
Staff Roll
Game Over

Metroid Fusion

Track Links
Samus vs Serris (MilkyTracker Remake)

Super Metroid

Track Links
Lower Maridia (Symphonic Arrangement)

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