I've re-written the music from this game into MIDI files and was processed using only SoundFonts (sf2) with XMplay MIDI plugin.

This game is different and very simple in comparison with the Super Nintendo version, but in my opinion the music is better (fm synths sounds are very nice). All the stages are very similar and If you like fight against the time limit, you will enjoy this game.

This is a comparision between the original game soundtrack and my own remake:

Alien³ (1992, Sega Genesis) Links
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 5

FLAC Audio Files available here.
I've made two custom soundfonts (downloadable in my files folder) and you will find the rest on internet. Just put these names in google. This is the list with the corresponding patches:

Approved by the the soundtrack composer 
(Yeah! it's the same Matt Furniss.)

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